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About Turkey

Turkey is an oriental fairy tale, in which the hospitable motifs of Asia and the intelligence of Europe are intertwined in an amazing way. Perhaps only here you can find excellent service, the ubiquitous "all inclusive", the ancient cities and ancient ruins, scenic nature, as well as the classic beach relaxation. Entire 4 warm sea, gentle sun and well-groomed beaches from May to October are waiting for guests. And for those who carved out time for a winter vacation, ski resorts are available.

The multifaceted Turkey - the country of the four seas. For travelers who like to get hotter, the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea is ideal: for example, Marmaris or Antalya. The west coast of Turkey (Kusadasi and Bodrum) will please the youth, and the north, with its familiar to Europeans Black Sea, is ideal for those who tolerate a mild climate. The north-western border of Turkey is washed by the Sea of Marmara. The local resorts of Armutlu, Yalova, Erdek, Iznik are famous for their fish markets and balneological resorts.

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Turkey - an inexhaustible opportunity for outdoor activities (diving, parasailing, yachting and more), many cultural events, wonderful nature and the centuries-old history of the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman empires, still preserved in stone.

Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is a true paradise for people who like to go shopping. Shopping in Turkey brings a lot of positive emotions. Stores and shops are open until late at night and, as they say, until the last customer. The range of goods strikes the imagination even of an experienced shopkeeper, and the sellers are happy to haggle.


Sightseeing in Turkey

The eastern fairy tale of the Bosphorus, stunning Turkey, offers guests to visit hundreds of interesting places. In this country, the regions are strikingly different and the list of attractions is fascinating. Here everyone will find something to their liking, whether it is amazing landscapes, centuries-old mosques and towers, luxurious palaces.


Bus Tours

Turkey is the most visited country in the world, offering unlimited sightseeing opportunities. Thanks to the gentle sun, azure sea and centuries-old history, Turkey has become a place where you want to come dozens of times and look forward to your next visit to this unique country.


Beach vacations

Before choosing a tour to Turkey with a rest by the sea, you should decide which beach you prefer, and depending on the month of the trip to think about the sea - choose the one that will be as warm as possible during your trip to Turkey. Perhaps you like the invigorating sea water, and that too should be taken into account when choosing a tour to Turkey.

Tourist map of Turkey

If you want to see interesting places, the easiest way is to rent a car. A trip around the country by car will leave a lasting impression. As an independent traveler, you will be able to visit places where groups of tourists are not brought, and to see the life of the locals.

Things to do in Turkey

Perhaps Turkey is familiar to every traveler. But not everyone has delved into the country and gone beyond the beach holiday, which, by the way, is great. Turkey is multifaceted: there are ancient cities, monuments of ancient architecture, natural parks and amazing landscapes.

Amazing Turkey Tour

The whole territory of Turkey without exaggeration can be called an open-air museum. Each city, even a small one, can boast special sights of a bygone era. Book NowGet More